Written by, Jaime Krueger, Founder – Fill Up Your Cup

Something you may or may not know, is that I am a certified health and wellness coach! This is an extremely important area of my life, beyond just being a career. I have a rocky past history with depression, anxiety, poor emotional coping skills, binge eating, and “yo-yo dieting.” Once I had hit rock bottom in my late twenties, I made the decision to take back my health and transform my way of living.

Once I reached my personal health goals, the next step for me, was to become a health coach and help others find health and hope. It also gave me a great sense of extra accountability, in order to maintain my health long-term. I have become more vulnerable in sharing my story recently, as I believe it helps others find hope and courage to start working toward the best version of themselves.

I do have a particular stance on health and I feel it’s important for me to share this with potential clients, before we work together. Health is not only about our physical appearance, body weight and the food we eat. Health is also about our daily habits, our mindset, and the way we love ourselves. In order to achieve optimal health, I believe we have to be willing to lean into a support person, ask for help, be engaged in a community of like-minded people, commit to learning about ourselves and how to transform our habits, and be willing to have discipline in learning how you feed your body well.

In my health & wellness practice, I desire to work with individuals who feel they are ready to transform more than just their physical appearance. I desire to help people dig deep into their “WHY” for wanting to achieve some degree of health in their life. I also want to meet people where they are, to do what is best for them, but also provide guidance and knowledge in a way that isn’t damaging, but uplifting instead.

Ultimately, I cannot desire to create health for the person I am working with more than they do. I respect each and every person’s current reality and their dreams and desires, as they are. I am not a hero, but simply a guide. I will fiercely encourage and support those who express their desire to create a healthier life, each and every time. It is simply up to them to reach for my hand when I extend it.

You may be wondering how all of this ties into Fill Up Your Cup and building this community. My reason for sharing this with you is that because of my personal health community, I was able to reframe my mindset, build my confidence, and build this community for YOU. I had a support system that encouraged me to create a better life and dream bigger! If you are seeking health and/or community, you are in the right place and I would love to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams, too.

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