It seems like one of those buzz words we hear and see a lot in social media and inspirational quotes. Maybe it is, but it also goes a lot deeper than that. We all have battles we fight internally and today is an especially hard day, after a hard weekend.
Depression and anxiety are not visible (to most people) and grief or pain is often hidden behind the smile you pass on the street. Disappointment is yet another invisible struggle and no one is immune to the sting of rejection when we get right down to it. These are battles for so many people, including me.
So yes, I declare that I am a WARRIOR today. I keep getting up and fighting the battle and pushing forward. I’m pushing past the challenges, past the hurt, the grief, and the anxiety. It doesn’t look pretty and that’s ok. God is my refuge and He provides strength when I am weak.
Support is vital to helping yourself and helping others overcome their battles. Be kind, encourage one another, and remember that others are warriors too, fighting a battle we may not be able to see. Community and friendship are powerful and no one is ever alone in their struggle.

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