Back to the Basics

Today has me reflecting on the last few months of this ride. I’ve been thinking on the journey that has been building community and offering support and connection for women, via our gatherings.

I realize I’ve made it complicated by trying to be ALL the things for ALL the people. I’ve put too much time into areas that didn’t really matter or reflect my heart. I’ve spent too little time in areas that matter more, those things that are the heart behind Fill Up Your Cup, like serving and just showing up for other women over a cup of coffee or through a thoughtful note.

So, I’m here, going back to the basics – back to the heart of community and connection. I wished that a community like this existed about 9 months ago, so I created it. It has been beautiful to see women come together and build relationships. It has been beautiful to see women lift each other up. THAT is what Fill Up Your Cup is about… it’s not what happens inside of four walls once a month. It’s about the women who band together in community and make each other better, no matter where they are.

So, while summer has not boasted many gatherings, it has been a season of grace and rest. The doors are always open, the table always has a seat for YOU. I’m always here to cheer you on, support you, and help you connect with other amazing women, just like you. We are better together, friends. Are you up for continuing the journey with me?

PC 📸: The MOMent

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