I’m All Out of Hustle

by Jaime Krueger, Founder of Fill Up Your Cup

HUSTLE… A buzzword that we hear so often in entrepreneurship and that is often associated with achieving success and reaching goals and dreams. What does hustle really mean anyway? If you take a look at social media these days, it appears to mean that we run around like crazy, trying to meet short deadlines, losing sleep and missing time with our loved ones and missing out on living a life we TRULY enjoy. We are often worrying about how to “get it all done” and what others will think of the photo we shared or that post we made last night on Instagram, and who “they” think we really are.

According to the dictionary, hustle is defined as “energetic activity, as in work.” That doesn’t sound so bad right? I mean, I’m all for working hard, setting goals, and being a little bit uncomfortable at times to reach my desired result.However, hustle is also defined as “discourteous shoving, pushing, or jostling.” When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound as appealing does it? How do you measure your success? By energetically accomplishing work you love or by frantically pushing your way through work that you don’t really desire to do?

What does your “hustle” look like? Are you setting out to do the work you feel called to do, or are you hustling your way through and trying to meet someone else’s expectations of you? I encourage you to dig deep into your “WHY” for pursuing the dreams and goals you have. If you can’t get beyond 2-3 levels of depth in your why, or if you’re not feeling passionate when you are in the midst of your work, maybe consider that it isn’t YOUR dream that you’re working to accomplish at all. Yes, there will be hard days, even in doing the work you love, but it shouldn’t feel that way so often that you feel discontent and miserable. 

Who do YOU desire to become? Why? What makes your heart beat and gives you joy? Friends, I encourage you to take a hard look at your “hustle” and if you are thriving and excited in the work you’re doing, keep doing that! If not, then I ask you to reconsider and make sure that you are truly designing a life you love, and not continuing on a path meant for someone else, for the sake of the money, the approval, or simply posting on Facebook about the hustle life. You were made for MORE than just living by another person’s opinion of you or whatever your inner mean girl is saying in your head. God has created you on purpose, for a purpose. Let Him guide you out of the hustle and onto the beautiful path he has planned for you.

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